My Story

I don't have this inspirational story of how I became who I am. My photo days started from literally the bottom of a closet. 

I stumbled upon a Nikon D50 in my mom's closet in 2013...

Never would have thought it would have taken me through twenty-two of the fifty states and even outside the country. And that is just so far, who knows what or where is next.

Never thought this path would have taught me so much. Never thought I would have met all these people or seen all these places.

It only took 5 minutes and an old, dusty camera to change my life.

But here we are, there's no going back now.

Most days you can find me planning my next move, climbing up something, or casually strolling around town with some sort of camera in my hands.

I live for the late nights, under the stars. For the long drives in between states with friends. For the memories made and captured. For the lives I have the potential to change. For the art of life.